Just like the “808” police code for disturbing the peace in the US, we plan on disturbing the peace when it comes to donuts. We’re not going to break any laws, but we might need crowd control when it comes to demand for our fresh, new and exciting donuts.

Dull donuts? Not on our watch. We’re going to shake up the old order with fresh thinking and exciting new recipes. Tasting is believing.

We’re not re-inventing donuts – we’re refreshing them… we’ll have flavour combinations that break the mould. Nothing weird or Michelin, just not jam and cream. Age old recipes with new flavour combinations, we won’t rest until people say, “now that’s as good as a donut can be”.

Order online or drop into our stores at Lee’s Centra, Main Street or Limerick Road, Charleville, Co. Cork. For Sales, Marketing and Corporate events call (063) 81888 or email: moc.s1525594201tunod1525594201808@t1525594201ae1525594201.

Oh yeah, one more thing...

Please don’t ask about the health benefits of our donuts. There aren’t any. Unless you count feeling great for 5 minutes in one day because a taste of heaven just vanished down your throat!!